How To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy

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How To Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy


Most of the couples may ponder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy? Sex is a natural process so having sex during pregnancy will not harm a baby, as the baby is protected by the amniotic sac’s fluid and cervix but under proper care. It is also common that you may bleed during the intercourse in the first trimester which may be caused by normal swelling of capillaries in the cervix which may burst due to irritation. It is also advisable that your partner should not blow air into the vagina during oral sex because it may block the blood vessel by causing an air bubble. You must also have a safe period calculator and avoid wearing tight dresses and having fancy dress ideas.


In the first trimester, it is quite natural to have normal sex as before because the body does not change. But some positions may be difficult for you as the uterus grows. So here is some of the sex position which is best during pregnancy:

Women on top

This is the most satisfying position during pregnancy where you will be allowed to control the pace. He should not enter you deeply.


It is a position when both of you lie on your sides curled in a form of C and he enters your vagina from the back. It is the coziest and intimate position

Edge of the bed

In this position, you must lie down with your face up and leg spreads out and feet should be on the floor and your partner can bend over you or stand. You have to guide him how slow and gentle you want him as this position allows him to thrust deeply.

Love on the couch

In this position, he penetrates you from behind as you kneel on the couch with your arms for support.

Side by side

This is the best position for late pregnancy which will keep weight off your belly and control thrust. In this position, you and your partner will be facing each other and lie side by side. After that, he will slip his leg over your leg and will enter you from an angle. He can also enter you from the back still facing you if you want a variation.

Go solo

If your belly grows and you feel intercourse is uncomfortable, then you can go for oral sex or mutual masturbation.


If you have the following risk then it is always advisable not to have sex during pregnancy without consulting a doctor-

  • If you have a risk of miscarriage.
  • If you have a risk of preterm labor.
  • If you are having vaginal bleeding, cramping or discharge without any reason.
  • If the amniotic sac has ruptured membranes or leaking fluid.
  • If your cervix opened too early in pregnancy.
  • If your placenta is too low in the uterus.
  • If you are expecting twins’ triplets or multiples.

Every woman does not feel the same while she is pregnant. She may have mood swings and also feel different. The desire may fade away for some women during pregnancy while others may be more aroused and deeply connected to sexuality. As your body changes it is quite natural that your sexual desire can come and go. You may feel protected towards your baby as your belly grows or you may feel sexier with your larger breast. You have to guide your partner while having sex during pregnancy and play with the perfect position which will make both of you comfortable and stimulating and will also protect the baby. Use condoms if you are not absolutely sure about the sexual history of your partner as a sexually transmitted infection like HIV, genital warts or herpes can affect your baby.

Valerie Capers