The Benefits of Garlic for the Human Body Health

Garlic has a scientific name Allium sativum, is a plant originating from Asia. garlic plants have a height of about 50 to 60 cm and included in the family Liliaceous. Garlic is often used in treatment methods that can be consumed in fresh form, as well as mixed as a spice that is commonly found in various countries, especially in Asia.

The reason why it is more effective when eaten before breakfast is that at that time, bacteria are emerging, so they cannot sustain against its strength. Garlic can actually relieve symptoms of hypertension. It not only regulates circulation, it also prevents various heart disease problems, stimulates liver function and your bladder spray. Besides that it will also help you to control your stress, and thus stop the production of stomach acid that your body produces whenever you are nervous. Still can take advantage of its benefits.

Benefits of garlic

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